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BeFaster is an impressive enhancement tool that is helps users optimize the speed of their internet connections. The BeFaster application is compatible with all types of connections including LAN, ISDN, xDSL, cable/dsl, satellite and even a dial up connection. Furthermore, BeFaster can be used for different modes as well, which includes modes such as Standard Users and Advanced Users. This allows both experienced and new users to utilize the tool.
If you choose to select the standard mode, all you would have to do is configure your connection type, the speed of your internet and one out of the three optimization modes which you can use as a compression enhancement. You can also use BeFaster’s ‘Time to Live’ optimization and TCP Windows enhancement.
The program also identifies your operating system and enhances the setting in just a couple of seconds. Moreover, it does this without consuming a lot of your system’s RAM and CPU. The Advanced Users option provided by BeFaster provides many more features which also includes NWLINK parameters, COM ports, and MTU options.
This option is designed for more experienced users but even experienced users need to follow a manual, which the program provides. All in all, it is a pretty impressive program that can come in handy.


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